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Different teapots used to brew different kinds of tea.

Different teapots used to brew different kinds of tea.

POWER of Music!


Curator’s Monday 153

Kawashima Kotori 川島小鳥 (b.1980, Japan) - Mirai-chan in Paris

Kotori Kawashima 川島小鳥 is a Tokyo born photographer, graduated from Waseda university. He started Mirai-chan 未来ちゃん photo series after meeting his friend’s child: “I was amazed by this creature. I wanted to take pictures of her after spending time with her during one year… I think the children are free, it is very interesting to listen to what they say, not boring to watch them, and they are so energetic. Everyone have a childish side, so I love to find it in my friends and people I meet for work.” (cf. Kitsuné)

Originally published in a small print run by a Tokyo gallery, Mirai-chan has been republished and reportedly was one of the best-selling photobooks in Japan, being selected the number one “Book of the Year 2011” by the Japanese magazine Da Vinci.

© All images courtesy of the artist

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101 Dalmatians (1996)

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How To Tie Arabic Scarf Emirati Gulf Style Headgear, Shemagh.